How to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from a bootable pendrive and solution of some problems

Here I will provide you some important and easy tutorial link for ubuntu 16.04 LTS installation which is working now.

When I was installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, faced some problems to understand which tutorial is valid and working now. For the sake of reducing your confusion, I thought of writing this post. You can follow given links below…………

  1. At first, make sure that you downloaded the ISO file for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS(search on Google) or collect it from a friend of yours. 
  2. create a bootable Pendrive according to the link:
  3. Then follow the given instructions from the link:
    If any steps ask you to turn on the internet connection, turn it on.
    Here I must concern you to select the option in step 6. If you select “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” then All drive and disk information will be deleted and you will get a fresh Ubuntu desktop. If you want to protect your data then you should select the option “Something else”. Actually, you should transfer all of your essential data to another hard drive or upload on google drive, dropbox for safe if you want.

After completing all the steps you will get a fresh Ubuntu Desktop and maybe this will make your mood better.

Now you should update your system by running the commands in Ubuntu terminal: (just type the commands given below)
1st command: sudo apt-get update
(then press enter)
2nd command: sudo apt-get upgrade

Then the first task for you is, get some delicious food to your Ubuntu laptop which is nothing but connecting to your wifi connection. If it connects, you can chill. And Go on with Ubuntu.

If wifi does not connect or get a weak signal and your wifi driver is Realtek RTL8723BE(to check your, open terminal and type lspci) then follow the instructions from the link:
If the wifi driver doesn’t match, search on google for getting the solution.

For install Avra Bangla keyboard:

Now if you wanna learn about what is Ubuntu or How it works, you can read the book Ubuntu shohoj shikkha. (it’s written in Bangla)
Also, you can watch some bangla video tutorial from Subeen vai.

Hope you’ve installed Ubuntu successfully.
And feel better now.

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